What is the Flexitarian Diet?


For those following a vegetarian diet, the potential benefits to health are huge. A vegetarian diet that is balanced has been shown to reduce body mass index and decrease your risk of disease of the cardiovascular system, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, and high blood pressure. There are also options like parmesan zucchini chips and spaghetti squash pie which are delicious.

As Americans, we aren’t giving up our meat anytime soon. The average American consumes more than to 200 pounds of poultry, meat and fish every year.

Having said that, burgers taste really good. Meat is quite easy to cook, it’s familiar and nourishing. In addition to which, it’s a good source of protein, one of the basics necessary for building a healthy body. Vegetarianism isn’t for everyone, and that’s OK.

So, what’s a health conscious omnivore to do?

Meet the Flexitarian Diet

The term flexitarian, refers to a person whose usual diet without meat occasionally includes said meat or fish. It has suddenly become one of the biggest buzzwords today. The raise in popularity is mostly thanks to its use among advocates of healthy living. One of whom is, Dawn Jackson Blatner, who is a registered dietitian and also author of The Flexitarian Diet.

So being a flexitarian really isn’t any different from being an omnivore, or just an ordinary meat eater. Flexitarians have copped flak from vegans and vegetarians for being non being committed or just plain lazy, but the choice of is more than being a vegetarian who at times cheats.

Flexitarianism suggests a purposeful and active movement away from a mostly meat diet. It happens to be a healthier way of eating including significantly more whole grains, fruits, legumes and vegetables than the Standard American Diet (or SAD).

The gist of the flexitarian diet is what it’s name suggests: It’s flexible. In keeping with the theme of flexibility, there are different approaches to gain ,a href="https://laabeja.tumblr.com/">weight loss success. You can eat plant-based, free from dairy breakfasts and lunches, and also indulge in steak, for dinner.

One way to consider meat, especially red meat, is to think of it as an occasional side dish. Perhaps cutting down your portions of red meat to about four ounces each week for better health.

Though the amounts vary. Flexitarianism is not a cleanse or diet plan with a shelf life. It’s about creating a mindset that focuses on healthy eating.

Just a note, it’s not the case of being all-or-nothing. Instead, like a lot of things in life, it’s about moderation. It’s about providing people with choices. No matter what the change, however small, it could be better than the current standard.

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